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The photographs are part of an ongoing series of low light night photography of rural and urban landscapes which started in autumn 2011.


The night is a fantastic tool - it strips everything recognisable away and if it reveals details, it is only partial. You feel like an intruder who sneaks into a forbidden sanctuary and dares to capture a glimpse of what is hidden there. This is essentially what I do - I capture a glimpse of a large unknown world which is so familiar during the daytime.


In Germany we have a saying: Without light there is no shadow. You can't appreciate one without the other. Night is not an abstract concept it is an important part of our life. Most of us sleep, some of us have to work, but none of us really perceive their own nocturnal surrounding.


I love to create visual worlds that relate to reality and to the viewer, locally, emotionally and/or aesthetically, hence the titles relate to the actual GPS data. Our world has so much to offer. We do not need to create imaginary objects, themes or locations; putting reality in a new perspective or by simply taking it out of its context into a gallery space already broadens our horizons and opens a new dialogue within us and our environment.

Latitude/ Longitude


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